Our wee man

Jake was a lovely little dog whom we took on as a companion for our previous dog Sansa. We adopted Jake in 2012 and despite being 9 years old he was still extremely energetic. He was actually chosen by our old dog Sansa due to the fact she was extremely picky about the dogs she chose to get on with so we figured the best bet was to let her meet the available dogs and simply pick the one she got on best with. For whatever reason she seemed to like Jake a lot (for Sansa anyway… the fact she tolerated him at all was quite something). At the time Jake was known to the staff at the Dogs trust as “Brandy” and his story was quite a sad one.

Jake had lived with his owners (an elderly couple) for his entire life, along with another dog and a cat. Sadly the family suffered a series of loses leaving Jake alone with one of his owners who found himself in the awful position of being unable to take Jake to sheltered housing. Luckily the Dogs trust stepped in to find Jake a home.

It didn’t take too long for Jake to settle after initially being quite worried, he was always extremely good at giving our old grumpy girl her space when required. First stop on the way home was to a local dog park with enclosed paddocks to allow the pair to meet and greet properly without fear of loosing Jake. It’s worth noting that the Dogs Trust also had enclosed paddocks for this purpose but due to the business of the centre Jake and Sansa had met only briefly.

It’s clear from this video just how anxious Jake was at being in kennels.

Jake was quite a worried little dog at first, nervously licking people (and furniture), whining and howling. Thankfully he settled down after being given his own little bed in our living room. Unknown to us at the time this was actually the best thing we could have done for him. By giving him his own little space in the flat it ensured he had a quiet corner to chill out should he ever need to do so.

The wee man sleeping

Stewart and Jake got on very well from the get-go, Jake was very clingy at first and so we had to work a bit on getting him comfortable with being left in the house. While it no doubt helped that Sansa was there at all times Jake did certainly suffer from separation anxiety for the first wee while.

In 2013 we had a scare with Jake when our vet discovered a hard mass on his side. Having lost Sansa to a blood vessel tumor we feared the worse for Jake and immediately booked him in for investigations. Luckily the lump turned out to be scar tissue from what looked like a previous infection. Other than this Jake has luckily not suffered any other major health problems.

After losing Sansa we had a couple of frankly disastrous fostering attempts for various rescue organisations before being asked to foster Skye for 3 months while her owner had an operation. It was love at first sight for Jake though he did find it difficult to cope with her playful nature at first. Sadly Skye’s owner was unable to take her back and so she stayed with us (much to Jake’s delight).

Jake and Stewart continued to share a strong bond, Jake especially enjoyed running along with Stewart on his bike.

Sadly in September 2019 Jake was diagnosed with an aggressive mast cell tumor which had already begun to spread. He did well on a drug cocktail consisting of piriton, paladia and prednisolone but on Saturday the 15th February 2020 he collapsed after wandering into the garden. We rushed him to the vet but as he was being admitted he stopped breathing for himself and we made the decision to help him on his way. The vet on duty at the time was convinced he’d had a stroke as there was a flicker in his eyes that hadn’t been there before. It was all just too much for Jake.

He was a fantastic little man and he’ll be badly missed by more than just myself, Stewart and Skye.