Skye is a very docile affectionate dog, we were told that she was the result of a union between a labrador and a collie but given she was born in a pound in Cyprus there’s really no way of knowing.

Skye was due to be put to sleep at 5 months old due to being an undesirable colour (black dogs are often overlooked in rescues). She was brought to the UK by her former owner who sadly had to give her up for re-homing. Her and Jake hit it off from the get-go and both had a good play in an enclosed dog park before coming into the flat.

I expect I could write a book on the issues we’ve had with Skye. We tolerated her awful behaviour for a few months until it became clear she would be staying with us. Skye could not walk on a lead, constantly weaving back and forth in front of us if the lead was in any way slack. She became incredibly excited at the sight of any new people or dogs and would then require restraining while the poor sods walked past. At the same time we’d be struggling to keep a grip of a large dog that has a certain boneless quality about her while she barked, whined and howled because she wasn’t allowed to go and see the new people.

Skye cannot be trusted off a lead under any circumstances short of being in a fully enclosed area. On one occasion I had both dogs in our enclosed garden while I hung some washing and the wind caught the gate and broke the latch. Skye immediately charged out the gate and across the main village road and was quickly lost to view. Luckily I managed to catch her after securing Jake as she had come across a person washing their car in the next street and thought it’d be fun to play with them (luckily the person in question was sympathetic towards her).

She jumps up at guests, destroys small objects (pens and the like) and frequently gets herself into an incredibly excited state about seemingly silly things.

After Sansa (an incredibly chilled out, old, slow dog) I found Skye’s behaviour difficult to cope with. I contemplated asking the rescue if we could return her on a number of occasions.

In saying all the above her behaviour has improved in the year we’ve had her and she is now a member of the family. We’ve been given good advice on how to manage her bad behaviour and we have noticed an improvement.

Skye tries to play with Jake but at times it seems he gets very bemused at her antics.

Skye gets on incredibly well with Jake and is, overall, a lovely dog. Unfortunately she has always had the habit of lying on her back with her hind legs flopped open hence the nickname “hoor dug”. I realised that I had seen her pose before in an episode of Family Guy.