Morse lying down

In May of 2020 we adopted Morse. It was in the middle of the Covid-19 virus lock-down and we figured we’d have the time to get him a bit better trained before the pair of us went back to work.

As was the case with Skye, Morse has his issues which we’re hoping some solid training will help him to overcome. His main problems are based around his overall fearfulness although he has come a long way in the six months or so we’ve had him. The night we took him home he avoided any contact with us but instead stayed close to Skye. She became his emotional support animal for the first month or so.

Morse, despite his size, is absolutely fine to walk on his own. He will attempt to engage other dogs but isn’t aggressive in any way. In the house, he is very relaxed although he is destructive when left alone in the house. We’re working on this along with working to help him prioritize us when we are out on walks.

He is currently fourteen months old and not quite ready to be neutered yet. Luckily he doesn’t display any problem behaviour relating to hormones but as he has an undescended testicle we will need to have him fixed as soon as he’s old enough. He was brought to the UK by a small independent rescue and adopted when he was three months old. He was returned to the rescue after three months in his first home and fostered for a further three months before we adopted him.

Under all the anxiety is a goofy puppy who likes to play tug and doesn’t realise his size. His grasp of commands currently extends to sit, down, stay, bed and come. His recall is still a bit selective so he is currently unable to be off-lead safely.