Impulse control

By | April 25, 2017

Skye has finally learned that good things come to those who wait as opposed to those who snatch it from their owners hand at any given opportunity. When offering treats now we’ve been giving the cue “take it” which has reduced her snatching. We trained this by holding treats and if Skye made an uninvited lunge closed our hand around the treat to prevent her from snatching it. I’ve no doubt that this method will be looked down on by some but it’s certainly worked for us. We also now have cues for when the dogs are allowed to walk through doorways etc. This has helped us massively as they tend now look to us for guidance before doing something daft (like Glasgow-kissing a moving van as a random example). I’ve no idea how well the cues would fair if they spotted something really exciting but as least the basis is there now.

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