Fit-git and Hoor-dug update

By | May 2, 2017

I’ve been incredibly neglectful in my dog blog updates over the past month or so. We’ve been attending obedience classes with Paws for Walkies Bonnybridge. Skye is really enjoying the training and we’re only on week 3 at the moment. So far we’ve covered heeling and sitting and without giving too much away we’re finding that Skye is very excited to be learning but has also relaxed a lot more around other dogs. The class has 10 dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds working in the same area at the same time. Our biggest problem with Skye has always been how excited she gets around “new” dogs and in her latest class she was happy to simply lie or sit at my feet and watch the other dogs put through their paces. At no point has Skye been allowed to greet any of the other dogs there so this is a huge step forward. Even a few months ago she would have been at the end of the lead whining, barking and bouncing around. During the first week she whined a fair bit at being made to stand near other dogs that she wasn’t allowed to charge up to but was much better this week and completely quiet. She was even used as the demonstration dog at one point and, much to my surprise, did everything asked of her.

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